The Year of Contagious Magic

Contagious Magic book 32012 has turned in the Year of Contagious Magic. Who knew?

Work has been progressing slowly but steadily here, as author Michael Jasper gets back into the swing of the 3rd novel in the CM series. He’s gotten the opening nailed down, and just last Friday finished up chapter three. Woo!

You can now read Chapter 3 in its entirety.

It may not make a LOT of sense if you haven’t read the first 2 books, but Jasper gets folks up to speed quickly. This happens mostly in chapter 1, which is available along with the prologue and chapter 2 from the A Lasting Cure for Magic main page at his author site.

Contagious Magic's audiobook version of A Sudden Outbreak of Magic
The audiobook version of A Sudden Outbreak of Magic

In other Contagious Magic news, narrator extraordinaire Alyson Grauer has completed the audiobook narration for the first book in the Contagious Magic series, A Sudden Outbreak of Magic.

We’ve been keeping up with her narration via the awesome Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) website, and she has done a fantastic job with the pacing of the book, and her handling of the various character voices is nothing short of amazing. Her Ms. Haze is just perfect. And she does a great Polly voice as well, along with all the other in the always-growing cast of characters.

The audiobook still needs to be processed and incorporated into the Audible system, but it will be definitely be available for sale and download soon.

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