This page gathers up our favorite stories from a range of genres and makes them available in print as well as ebook formats.

Gunning for the Buddha: Fifteen of the best stories by Michael Jasper in multiple genres, all from the first decade of his writing career.

Includes “Gunning for the Buddha,” “Goddamn Redneck Surfer Zombies,” “Visions of Suburban Bliss,” “A Feast at the Manor,” “Unplugged,” “Working the Game,” “Explosions,” “Wantaviewer,” “Mud and Salt,” “Crossing the Camp,” “Black Angels,” “The Disillusionist, “Coal Ash and Sparrows,” “An Outrider’s Tale,” and “Natural Order.”

“Spend some time with these stories and you’re bound to bump into people you know who find themselves in places you’ve only dreamed about.” Hugo-winning author James Patrick Kelly

Dark Fantasy Five-Pack: Tales of natural disasters, violence, talking sparrows, dangerous suburbs, and other dark reflections of reality.

Includes “Gunning for the Buddha,” “Natural Order,” “Visions of Suburban Bliss,” “Coal Ash and Sparrows,” and “Goddamn Redneck Surfer Zombies.”

Halloween Six-Pack: Six stories of spooks, freaks, ghosts, and dark tasks.

Includes “Black Angels,” “One Night in Rosecroft,” “The Disillusionist,” “Painting Haiti,” “Never, Incorporated,” and “A Tale of Two Shits.”

Science Fiction Five-Pack: Five stories of dark and turbulent futures, the best and worst of characters, and a range of science fiction themes and sub-genres.

Includes “Working the Game,” “The Death Sentence,” “Unplugged,” “Remainders,” and “The Deck.”

What Was Left Standing: Four Stories: Four interconnected stories about rough lives, tough choices, and bittersweet loves. Includes “Peterson & Son Automotives,” “Waiting for Joey,” “After the Storm,” and “What Was Left Standing.”

Triplets: Brief Tales of the Future, Futility, and Family: Three short-shorts about a pair of futures that we hope will never be, and a past that’s shrouded in failed memories and exaggerated bravado. Includes “Zeppelin Women,” “Snakebite and the Sea,” and “Origins.”


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