Finder Team - Lost & Finders

Lost & Finders (Finder Team 2)

You can only stay lost for so long…

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Product Description

You can only stay lost for so long…

Summertime in the mountains. The breeze carries the smell of pines and campfires, and expensive cars with Florida plates clog the roads. The students at nearby Appalachian State have gone home, and Bim Mayer and Hank Johnson get to enjoy a lazy start to June after a rough winter.

But they soon realize that June’s gotten just a bit too lazy. Something is going down in the remote Blue Ridge Mountain town of Boone, North Carolina. People stop by the Finders, Inc. office to tell stories about whispering strangers just outside of Boone, and they aren’t white-haired tourists asking for directions to the antique stores.

Then nearly a dozen university students go missing at the start of the second summer session, and Hank’s shifty brother William shows up again with wild stories about strangers in the darkness. The Finder team suddenly has its hands full, with Bim (and his special mental skills) carrying the bulk of the workload on his rounded shoulders.

As summer heats up into a scorching fall, and bizarre clues continue to pile up, Bim and Hank might just lose more than a couple pounds and a few nights of sleep. They could lose everything.

Lost & Finders, the second book in the Finder Team series after Finders, Inc., is coming soon!


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