Ranging from fast-paced contemporary fantasy for all ages to near-future science fiction, along with ghost stories from the distant past and werewolf stories set right here in the present….

Click a cover for more information, including how and where to buy books.

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (cover image by Andy Castro) A Wild Epidemic of Magic (cover image by Ron Chapple Studios) A Lasting Cure for Magic (cover image by Fotolotti | dreamstime)
Contagious Magic (cover image by Pcbiju | Dreamstime) Family, Pack (cover image by Rodney Campbell) The All Nations Team (cover art by TomWang112 at Dreamstime)
 A Gathering of Doorways (cover image by Diane Finlayson) Heart's Revenge (cover art by Nyul, Yannp of Dreamstime) The Wannoshay Cycle, paperback version (cover by John Teehan)
The Prodigal Sons (cover image by Lauren Rinder)

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