An Interview with Author Sherry D. Ramsey

Currently we have two UnWrecked Press titles bundled up with other books and stories. First, Finders, Inc. is part of the Gumshoes Redux bundle of mystery/private-eye novels, and secondly, the first-ever Finder Team story, called (appropriately enough) “Finder” is available in a great collection of stories from a wide range of authors. This second bundle is called The Short Flights of Imagination bundle.


(And in case you want to learn more about bundles, check out our blog post about it from last year: The Process: All about ebook bundles.)

The Short Flights editor, author Sherry D. Ramsey, has been publishing some wonderful interviews with the writers included in the bundle (read Mike Jasper’s interview here!), and we at UnWrecked Press wanted to make sure Sherry got her chance to be interviewed as well. Here it is!

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Comics + Lost & Finders Announcement

Despite mostly publishing novels, novellas, and other forms of plain text, at UnWrecked Press, we tend to enjoy a fair number of comics and graphic novels. Michael Jasper’s In Maps & Legends is proof of that (and it’s now available as a trade paperback!)

Before our intern talks about comics, we have an important announcement. You can now pre-order Lost & Finders here on Amazon before the June 14th release date! Read more about Lost & Finders here.

Now, here’s Jessica on comics.

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The Process: The First Scene

First impressions are important, not just at UnWrecked Press, but in every aspect of life. You want to make a good impression on your boss, the company you are interning for (wink, wink), and your readers. Here is intern Jessica Brooks to describe the importance of opening scenes:

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The Process: Writing

If there is anything that we all know here at UnWrecked Press, it’s about writing. Writing is a beautiful process with many twists and turns, ups and downs. The most important thing you should know about writing is that you shouldn’t feel pressured or stressed about it. Just relax.

Before we get started with this post, let me introduce myself.

Hello, readers! My name is Jessica Brooks and I am going to be an intern here at UnWrecked Press for the next couple of months, so get used to seeing my name around here for a bit. I am in my junior year of studying journalism at Appalachian State University. My favorite book series has to be Harry Potter and I’m open to most genres (but I’m a sucker for romance and cool, non-sparkly vampires).

Now, let’s get into writing:

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Film Rights Optioned for Graphic Novel IN MAPS & LEGENDS


CONTACT: Michael Jasper,

December 20, 2017

InMaps&Legends1BLOWING ROCK, NC: UnWrecked Press is pleased to announce that IN MAPS & LEGENDS, a graphic novel written by Michael Jasper and illustrated by Niki Smith, has been optioned to be made into a motion picture by Strawberry Pictures Global Media.

The graphic novel tells the story of Kaitlin Grayson, a young artist who for some unknown reason has been carving a map of another world into the walls of her spare bedroom. Late one night she gets recruited by a strange man named Bartamus to save his dying world—the same world she’s been creating in her spare room.

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