The Process: Getting back to making books

Here at UnWrecked Press, we enjoy the process of making books, so we’ve started what we hope will be an ongoing series of behind-the scenes blog articles about the process itself.

By “the Process” we mean anything related to books: writing them, reading them, publishing them, promoting them, and any other topics in between. To see all the topics so far, just click “The Process” category or tag. The articles will range from quick hits to long reads, depending on what strikes our fancy.

Our newest long-read article about the process comes from author Michael Jasper, who’s been trying like crazy to get back to work on the second book in his Finder Team series, which is tentatively titled “Lost & Finders.”

Here’s Mike:

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Announcing the Winter Mysteries bundle!

UnWrecked Press is proud to announce an all new bundle of ebooks curated by author Michael Jasper. The name and theme is simple: the Winter Mysteries bundle.

Winter Mysteries BundleAs you know from last week’s post, ebook bundles collect a set of multiple ebooks into one package, which can then be priced lower for bargain-hunters. Bundles are also a fantastic way to find new authors and dive into their work.

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The Process: All about ebook bundles

In the past few years, if you’re an avid reader like everyone here at UnWrecked Press HQ, you’ve probably heard of these nifty things called ebook bundles. You may also have heard them called box sets as well.

Basically, a bundle or box set is made up of multiple ebooks from a variety of authors. A lot of times you’ll see them advertised like a set of books, 3D-style:

Sci Fi May Day Bundle
The Sci Fi May Day Bundle, featuring UnWrecked Press novel The Wannoshay Cycle.

BundleRabbitOne of our favorite bundling sites is BundleRabbit, and they offer a wide range of ebook collections–both novels, short stories, and everything in between, even comics–that you can purchase bundles or box sets.

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New Audiobook Version: A Lasting Cure for Magic!

We here at UnWrecked Press think that the audiobook version of books have a little bit of magic in them.

They can transport your commute, your hike, your workout, or any other activity you do while listening to them into something amazing. You can lose yourself listening to an audiobook.

New audiobook version
New audiobook version!

That’s why we’re so excited to share the audiobook version for the third and final (so far) book in the Contagious Magic series: A Lasting Cure for Magic.

Contagious magic: good luck trying to find a cure…

Narrator extraordinaire Mike Alger picks up right where book 2 left off, with Kelley and Jeroan stranded in Dubuque, Iowa, after losing their parents—and all the Sorcerers they met in the past two months—to the vengeful Druid.

Apparently, the Druid did not enjoy his 200-year banishment.

This book completes the Contagious Magic trilogy, though there might be more stories to come, so stay tuned!

The audio version of A Lasting Cure for Magic is now available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Read the rest of chapter 1 from Lost & Finders!

You can only stay lost for so long…

Wondering what happened to Bim and Hank and the rest of the Finder Team after the end of Finders, Inc.?

Looking for the rest of the scene in front of the Finder team’s headquarters? You know the one, with Bim in the pool, chilling on an air mattress instead of solving mysteries?

Well wonder and look no longer!

Below is the rest of the excerpt from chapter 1 from Lost & Finders, the second book in the “Finder Team” series.

In case you missed it, here’s the first half of chapter 1.

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