New book in the Family Pack series available for pre-order!

Hunter’s MoonHunter's Moon, the second book in the contemporary-fantasy Family Pack series, is officially going on sale April 15th!

And you can pre-order an ebook version at Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, UnWrecked Press.

Here’s the back-cover description:

Try not to listen to those who whisper…

Tommy Roling has a great freelance job, a healthy daughter, and a new city to call home. Plus he’s finally comfortable with the fact that he’s a werewolf. So why isn’t he happy?

Could it be his daughter’s “terrible twos,” which seem even more terrible because she chooses to stay in her wolf body most of the time? Or is it his growing distance from his family and Nina, his on-again, off-again girlfriend?

Those questions remain unanswered as a group of strangers disrupt the lives of Tommy, his daughter, and his slacker brother. These strangers give Tommy and his small pack a harsh glimpse of the whispering madness that hovers just outside the safe boundaries of their fragile little world.

A world that Tommy just might not be able to hold together on his own.

Pre-order an ebook version at Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, UnWrecked Press.

Family, Pack (cover art by Egal | and Ricardoreitmeyer |’s Moon is the second book in the Family Pack series of “rural fantasy” novels, picking up a year after the first book in the series, Family, Pack.

ALSO: Grab a free copy of book 1 in the series, Family, Pack, at the UnWrecked Press Shop! For a limited time only.

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