New UnWrecked Press Long Reads (a.k.a. Novella)

A novella is kind of a nifty creature. It doesn’t require the huge time commitment that a novel does, but it’s longer than your typical short story.

As a result, you get a self-contained story with a larger world than a one-shot tale of a couple thousand words or so. A novella is anywhere from 10,000 words to 40,000 words (some people use the term “novelette” for 7,500 to 17,500 words, but we think that’s getting a bit silly).

The following four novellas from UnWrecked Press are typical in that respect (containing more than 10,000 words each), but like all our books, they aren’t typical in any other way that we can see… Enjoy!

For more info, including how to snag your own print or ebook versions of these long stories/short novels, see the Novella page.

Unassisted Living

Unassisted LivingRetirement: it’s not just for the elderly.

Thirty-six-year-old JB lives to inspire the old folks at Whispering Pines Rest Home. He listens to their stories, encourages them to get some fresh air, and makes sure they aren’t just sitting around waiting for the end to come.

But he’s not a doctor, not a therapist. He’s a resident of Whispering Pines, too.

The City of All-Worlds

The City of All-WorldsBartolamus the Sorcerer is dying. His days of adventuring and forging new words of magic are firmly behind him. Or so it seems.

As his trembling apprentice approaches his bedside with a silver whistle in his right hand and a tarnished bell in his left, the ancient wizard shares his history. He also reveals his plans for one last quest: an attempt to re-open the doors to the barred and mysterious City of All-Worlds, far away and spoken of only in whispers.

For the locked City of All-Worlds is rumored to hold a portal at its center that could link other worlds to this one. A portal of immense power and danger.

Redemption, Drawing Near

Redemption, DrawingNearFirst contact between a priest and an alien…

Less than a dozen years from now, over thirty black ships containing the aliens the world will come to know as the Wannoshay arrive on the frozen earth of the Great Plains of America and Canada.

When communications break down between the military personnel of the humans and the leaders of the Wannoshay, Father Joshua McDowell gets a chance to make first contact with the aliens.

The Last Sorcerer

The Last SorcererMagic: It can show up in the strangest places…

An old man sleeping in a cardboard box in snowy Chicago holds the secret of sorcery in his head. Thanks to the damage done to him by using magic decades ago, he doesn’t realize it. Most days he can’t even remember his own name.

But when two teens try to jump him in an alley, the magic Words come back to him at last, and he “infects” the kids with magic. And soon Chicago has a wild epidemic of magic on its hands…

An earlier, but still self-contained version of the novel A Sudden Outbreak of Magic, but with a slightly altered cast of characters and plotlines. Consider it the “alternate-world” version of the Contagious Magic story.

For more info, see the Novellas page.

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