A Wild Epidemic of Magic

Magic: the side effects are painful, if not fatal…

A Wild Epidemic of MagicTwo months after the explosive and unexpected ending to A Sudden Outbreak of Magic, Jeroan learns all about magic at Dr. Azure’s mysterious training center. Meanwhile, Kelley can’t even leave her hotel room in Dubuque without a chaperone.

When people they care about start disappearing, and people they didn’t think they should care about—like Dr. Azure—get attacked by rogue magic-users, Jeroan and Kelley must work together. Before this growing epidemic of magic turns deadly.

Unfortunately, they learn too late that magic no longer works properly, and they suffer some serious side effects whenever they use it…

The fantasy series for all ages continues with A Wild Epidemic of Magic!

A Wild Epidemic of Magic is followed by A Lasting Cure for Magic. You can also read the first three books in the series collected in Contagious Magic.

240 pages (trade paperback version). Published July 2012 by UnWrecked Press.

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