A Sudden Outbreak of Magic

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (cover by M. Selena Jackson)Magic: more contagious than the common cold…

In A Sudden Outbreak of Magic, Kelley Strickland and her twin brother Jeroan accidentally step into an ancient battle between a power-hungry Sorcerer—who wants to rid the world of what he calls “renegade” magic-users—and a good Sorcerer who can barely remember his own name.

Kelley soon learns that her new-found way of using magic just might save her adopted city, her brother, and her new, magically infected friends. Or it could doom them all.

A fantasy novel for all ages about ancient power, growing up, and finding your place within those two very different realms. The first book in a new contemporary fantasy series.

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic is followed by A Wild Epidemic of Magic and A Lasting Cure for Magic. You can also read the first three books in the series collected in Contagious Magic.

232 pages (trade paperback version). Published July 2011 by UnWrecked Press.

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