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Check out the new weekly blog by UnWrecked Press author Michael Jasper: the “D&D Dad Blog”!


The first entry is a nice trip down memory lane:



New Book Release: UnWrecked Tales

UnWrecked Press is proud to announce the release of our latest publication: UnWrecked Tales by Michael Jasper!

UnWrecked Tales_400wUnWrecked Tales contains twenty-one of the best stories by Michael Jasper in multiple genres, all from the second decade of his writing career.

From the Author’s Introduction:

Some stories were gauntlets thrown down by friends editing anthologies. Some were hatchling ideas that later were added to novels. Some were side trips from other novels that didn’t make it into those bigger stories. Some were just strange nuggets of humanity that needed to be shined up and shared.

I did my best to polish up all these nuggets and organize them for you in some sort of coherent structure. But feel free to jump around and let yourself be surprised.

UnWrecked Tales includes the following stories:

  • “Wrecked”
  • “Fences”
  • “The Rise and Fall of Basskick”
  • “Finders, Keepers”
  • “The Brotherhood of Trees”
  • “Skidmark and Mudbeam”
  • “Painting Haiti”
  • “What the Land Takes”
  • “Comfort and Joy”
  • “Tiny Disaster”
  • “This Divided Land”
  • “A Game of Contact”
  • “Meet the Madfeet”
  • “Heart and Map, Ink and Blade”
  • “Remainders”
  • “Drinker”
  • “The Inverted Bearded Boy of Chicago”
  • “A Ghost in Her Heart”
  • “A Miracle in Shreveport”
  • “Family, New and Old”
  • “Finder”

To buy a copy:


New Book Release: Lost & Finders

Today marks the launch of the second book in the “slightly paranormal” Finder Team mystery series: Lost & Finders.

NOTE: This book does have a cliffhanger ending, but the book that follows it is not only the third book in the Finder Team series, but it’s also the third book in the Family Pack series. Yes, this third book is a crossover, featuring characters from both series!

Here’s the official book description — we hope you enjoy it!

Lost&Finders2018_300pYou can only stay lost for so long…

Mid-summer in the mountains. The breeze carries the smell of pines and campfires, and expensive cars with Florida plates clog the roads. The students at nearby Appalachian State are gone for the summer, and Bim Mayer and Hank Johnson get to enjoy a lazy start to August after a rough winter and busy spring.

But they soon realize that summer’s gotten just a bit too lazy. Something is going down in the remote Blue Ridge Mountain town of Boone, North Carolina. People stop by the Finders, Inc. office to tell stories about whispering strangers just outside of Boone, and they aren’t white-haired tourists asking for directions to the antique stores.

Then, during one week in early August, half a dozen people from all walks of life are reported as missing. The Finder team suddenly has its hands full with work, with Bim (and his special mental skills) carrying the bulk of the finding on his rounded shoulders.

As summer heats up into a scorching fall and bizarre clues continue to pile up, Bim and Hank might just lose more than a couple pounds and a few nights of sleep. They could lose everything.

Read an excerpt from chapter 1.

FindersInc_Cover_300Lost & Finders is the second book in the Finder Team series after Finders, Inc.

Coming Soon…

The second short-story collection by Michael Jasper, after 2005’s Gunning for the Buddha. The amazing cover design is by James at Go On Write:

UnWrecked Tales_1800

Releasing in July 2018! More details coming soon…

Graphic Novel Goodness

Despite mostly publishing novels, novellas, and other forms of plain text, at UnWrecked Press, we tend to enjoy a fair number of comics and graphic novels. Michael Jasper’s In Maps & Legends is proof of that (and it’s now available as a trade paperback!)

Before our intern talks about comics, we have an important announcement. You can now pre-order Lost & Finders here on Amazon before the upcoming June 28th release date! (Yes, the release was postponed for 2 weeks, mostly for technical reasons). Read more about Lost & Finders here.

Now, here’s Jessica on graphic novels for her last blog post as our intern:

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