UnWrecked Press is very excited and exceedingly proud to share with you the audio versions of our favorite novels.

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic audio versionsThe first UnWrecked Press audiobook was the first book in the Contagious Magic series: A Sudden Outbreak of Magic.

The novel is narrated by Chicago-based actress Alyson Grauer, and she did a fantastic job. Her version of Maria Haze gave us all goosebumps (in a good way, of course!).

It’s a great way to dive into the Contagious Magic world, and the story itself is one that listeners of all ages are sure to enjoy.

The audio version of A Sudden Outbreak of Magic is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

A Wild Epidemic of Magic

A WIld Epidemic of Magic audio versions We’re very excited about the audiobook release of A Wild Epidemic of Magic, the second book in the Contagious Magic fantasy series for all ages.

Narrated with amazing range and energy by the amazing Mike Alger, A Wild Epidemic of Magic continues the intertwined stories of teenage twins Kelley and Jeroan Strickland.

Both twins were “infected” by magic in Dubuque, Iowa, in book one, A Sudden Outbreak of Magic. A wild adventure breaks out in this audiobook as a result.

The audio version of A Wild Epidemic of Magic is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

A Lasting Cure for Magic

A Lasting Cure for Magic audio versionsWe’re very excited to share the audio version for the third and final (so far) book in the Contagious Magic series: A Lasting Cure for Magic.

Contagious magic: good luck trying to find a cure…

Narrator extraordinaire Mike Alger picks up right where book 2 left off, with Kelley and Jeroan stranded in Dubuque, Iowa, after losing their parents—and all the Sorcerers they met in the past two months—to the vengeful Druid. Apparently, the Druid did not enjoy his 200-year banishment.

The audio version of A Lasting Cure for Magic is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Finder’s, Inc.

Finders, Inc. audio versions This audiobook is the first book in our slightly wacky Finder Team series, Finders, Inc.

One of our favorite narrators, Maxwell Zener, did a bang-up job of portraying Hank Johnson and  his large, psychically endowed partner Bim Mayer in this audiobook set in the mountains of North Carolina.

The events of those chaotic three days in late winter will test the friendship of the two men as they risk their lives to solve this mystery and find a group of people who just might not want to be found.

The audio version of Finders, Inc. is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Family, Pack

Family Pack audio versionsFor this audiobook, actor Maxwell Zener introduces us to Tommy Roling and his infant daughter Corinne.

At nineteen, Tommy Roling finds himself a single parent as well as flat broke in small-town Iowa. And every full moon, he strips off his clothes and runs wild through the pastures outside town. So when a stranger shows up slashed to death after Tommy’s most recent full-moon run, Tommy must resolve the murder, or he could lose everything. Including his baby girl Corinne… who just might have inherited his werewolf gene.

The audio version of Family, Pack is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Hunter’s Moon

Hunter's Moon audio versions The sequel to Family, Pack, picking up the story a year later, and narrator Maxwell Zener returns to tell the tale.

Tommy Roling loves his new life in the city, and he’s finally comfortable with his werewolf side.

Then a group of strangers invades the lives of Tommy and his pack, giving him a glimpse of a harsh darkness just outside the boundaries of his fragile new world. A world that Tommy just might not be able to hold together on his own.

The audio version of Hunter’s Moon is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Heart’s Revenge

Hunter's Moon audio versionsFor this audiobook, we dove into one of our favorites novels, the paranormal mystery/romance Heart’s Revenge.

A haunted romance. An unsolved mystery. And a centuries-old curse at the heart of it all.

Our narrator, Julie Sears of SearsVoices, did a fantastic job telling the story of Ella and her divemaster Mitch on the tiny island of Ocracoke, where they find ancient mysteries, dead pirates, surly tourists, and more.

The audio version of Heart’s Revenge is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

The All Nations Team

All Nations Team audio versionsThis audiobook is the full-length, multiple-voice, tour de force narration of the 10-hour audiobook for The All Nations Team.

Expertly narrated by Robert Slone, this audiobook brings to life the tale of former slave George Grunion and his unlikely team of misfit players — the first truly integrated baseball team featuring whites, blacks, a Mexican, a Filipino, and even a women, all of whom play together (more or less) peacefully.

The audio version of The All Nations Team is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

A Miracle in Shreveport

A Miracle in Shreveport Audio VersionsThis audio version is a short story taken from the novel The All Nations Team, and it features the team in action back in the years during World War One.

The name of the story is “A Miracle in Shreveport.” (Click the link to read a short excerpt from the beginning.)

The story was first published in the wonderful Hugo-winning ‘zine Electric Velocipede, which is a periodical you definitely should check out.

Narrated by Robert Slone, you can get the audiobook version of “A Miracle in Shreveport,” at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.