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N&O articleIn case you were wondering what’s on tap for UnWrecked Press in 2014 (and probably beyond), you can get an update from Alex Granados’ article at the Raleigh News & Observer:

Checking in with North Raleigh Artists

(Just don’t tell anyone at the N&O that I’m no longer living in the North Raleigh/Wake Forest area — this is technically a follow-up piece, so I think we toe the line just right.)

A snippet:

He’s picky, and that’s good, because one of the arguments traditional publishers make about the indy world is that there are no curators. But that is simply not true. Jasper is one of them.

He deals in speculative fiction – that is: sci-fi, horror, fantasy and all sorts of other odd-ball stuff. Check him out at

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About UnWrecked Press

UnWrecked Press: We publish novels, short stories, comics, and more, most of them falling under the genre of speculative fiction: fantasy, SF, horror, and all sub-genres. Our ebooks come in a range of formats, for a variety of devices. You can buy ebooks directly from us as PDFs, ePubs, or .mobi files, and you can find our ebooks in many other online stores. We create trade paperbacks for our novels and story collections, and you can find them at your favorite bookseller as well as online stores. We also make audiobooks for our favorite books.

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