A Gathering of Doorways

Sometimes you eat the forest, sometimes the forest eats you.

A Gathering of DoorwaysWhat would you do if your child was lost, and—even though you’d never admit this to anyone—it was all your fault? How would you react? Would you be a hero or a coward? And just how would you get your innocent child out of this situation?

These are all questions Gil Anderson faces when his five-year-old son goes missing somewhere in the dark trees at the edge of the family farm. On that fateful day, Gil must travel through his own version of hell to rescue his child before the forest eats them all.

What Gil doesn’t know is that his wife and son are also on their own dark, solitary journeys as well in A Gathering of Doorways.

“In his third novel, speculative-fiction rising star Jasper offers a finely nuanced blend of fantasy and horror.” Booklist

270 pages (trade paperback version). First published in February 2009 by Prime Books, reprinted by UnWrecked Press.