Comics + Lost & Finders Announcement

Despite mostly publishing novels, novellas, and other forms of plain text, at UnWrecked Press, we tend to enjoy a fair number of comics and graphic novels. Michael Jasper’s In Maps & Legends is proof of that (and it’s now available as a trade paperback!)

Before our intern talks about comics, we have an important announcement. You can now pre-order Lost & Finders here on Amazon before the June 14th release date! Read more about Lost & Finders here.

Now, here’s Jessica on comics.

Hey, all! I’ve been told that I’m allowed to blog about more than just writing and the books that have been published here, so I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite comics.

To start with, I found everything that I’m going to talk about on the app called Line Webtoon. You can also read the comics on the website.  Note: Webtoon also has graphic novels, but I’ll save that topic for another time.

My favorite comics include Safely Endangered, Adventures of God, and Bluechair.

Safely Endangered is written and illustrated by Chris McCoy with the tagline “Silly comics for silly people.” The comics in this series don’t build off of one another. In other words, there isn’t any continuity or plot. You can read the most recent “episode” and you wouldn’t have consumed any spoilers from that if you were to go back and start at the first episode. The humor can be crude at times, but should definitely be enjoyable for adults of all ages.

Adventures of God is written and illustrated by the duo of Matteo and Corey with the tagline “Follow God’s mishaps in Heaven – as a ruler who’s often forgetful, has a fragile ego, and a drinking problem.” This comic is not for those who are easily offended by religious satire. Adventures of God pokes fun at so many aspects of multiple religions and isn’t meant to be taken seriously at all. For the most part, there isn’t a central plot, but it is best to read the episdoes in chronological order to get the full effect of some jokes.

Bluechair is written and illustrated by Shen with the tagline “Everyday is just like comedy. Just enjoy and follow our lead!” This comic is the most wholesome of the three I mentioned. A lot of the episodes revolve around experiences that the author, given the pseudonym Shen, has had. Most are random, but some episodes do relate to each other, even if just a bit. A common factor of the series is that the main character, also named Shen, tends to sit in a blue chair, hence the name. There are also episodes where he will post content from an older comic series he made called Owlturd Comix. Owlturd episodes are very similar to Bluechair episodes.

Even though I’m behind in reading all of these, I highly recommend them. They are definitely entertaining and not a waste of time in the least.


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