The Process: Writing

If there is anything that we all know here at UnWrecked Press, it’s about writing. Writing is a beautiful process with many twists and turns, ups and downs. The most important thing you should know about writing is that you shouldn’t feel pressured or stressed about it. Just relax.

Before we get started with this post, let me introduce myself.

Hello, readers! My name is Jessica Brooks and I am going to be an intern here at UnWrecked Press for the next couple of months, so get used to seeing my name around here for a bit. I am in my junior year of studying journalism at Appalachian State University. My favorite book series has to be Harry Potter and I’m open to most genres (but I’m a sucker for romance and cool, non-sparkly vampires).

Now, let’s get into writing:

Your page is empty, but it’s full of possibilities. All you need is to start with a word. Keep adding words and make that into a sentence. Make that sentence into sentences and you’ve made a paragraph. Does it sound all right? Even if it doesn’t, keep going. Don’t stop because you have only just started. If it sounds bad then just count it as practice, but you may end up writing something interesting anyway.

Practice is important. Your writing will only improve if you keep at it. Try different writing styles. Try different genres. Try out some writing prompts. Write about your surroundings. Write about things that you know well. Write about a made-up world. Explore your imagination. Remember to “show,” not “tell.” Vary your sentence structure with complex and simple sentences. Don’t use the same word or phrase too often unless it’s necessary (the thesaurus can be your friend).

But what if you get stuck?

Again, try writing prompts, but also remove yourself from distractions. Turn your phone off and find a comfy place to sit. If you are using your laptop or any other device to write, turn off your Wi-Fi or turn on airplane mode. If that doesn’t help, take a break and read a book. You can always pull inspiration from other authors, but do not steal from them. Reading can also help (subconsciously) improve your grammar and sentence structure. Your peers can be another source of inspiration, but don’t feel obligated to show them your work.

The best advice that you can be given is to just write. Write without any prejudices and let your mind wander. Don’t worry about what anyone else will think about it because you never have to show it to anyone, but if you do, they will love it if you put your all into it.

Most importantly, have fun writing!




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