Announcing the Winter Mysteries bundle!

UnWrecked Press is proud to announce an all new bundle of ebooks curated by author Michael Jasper. The name and theme is simple: the Winter Mysteries bundle.

Winter Mysteries BundleAs you know from last week’s post, ebook bundles collect a set of multiple ebooks into one package, which can then be priced lower for bargain-hunters. Bundles are also a fantastic way to find new authors and dive into their work.

And this bundle is a great one.

Winter Mysteries collects mystery novels set in the coldest season of the year, or mysteries containing a strong element of cold (in one sense of the word or another). Bundle up… literally!

The full collection includes the following mysteries:

  • Two sleuths in the North Carolina mountains spend a snowy week in March searching for people who don’t want to be found… (ahem!)
  • A haunted author must spend the winter battling his addictions, and worse…
  • A shapeshifter battles ancient spirits, a covert government agency, and his own dark past in a race to solve a murder…
  • A desperate man gets a phone call that pulls him back into a world of violence and mystery that he tried to leave behind…
  • An accidental death, a train wreck and dark secrets in a deadly northern winter places a police chief and her niece in jeopardy…
  • A crime committed decades ago refuses to lie dormant under the black waters of a lake…
  • The daughter of the Prince of Polka travels to the polka heartland of New Krakow, Pennsylvania, to solve the mystery of her father’s murder…
  • A nature-loving woman and a mysterious photographer stand up to a shadowy lumber company that threatens their beloved swans at Turtle Pond…
  • Two retired detectives search for a friend near a remote Idaho lake, a search that could lead to the most dangerous serial killer in Las Vegas history…
  • Two brothers must unravel the weird and dangerous secrets of Salmon Run, Alaska: a place of wild animals, wild lands, and wild inhabitants…

This bundle, like most things great and good, is only available for a limited time.

Where can you find this bundle?

So click on over to the BundleRabbit site and grab this bundle, and be sure to check out the other amazing offers there.

And be sure to tell ’em UnWrecked Press sent ya!



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