The Process: All about ebook bundles

In the past few years, if you’re an avid reader like everyone here at UnWrecked Press HQ, you’ve probably heard of these nifty things called ebook bundles. You may also have heard them called box sets as well.

Basically, a bundle or box set is made up of multiple ebooks from a variety of authors. A lot of times you’ll see them advertised like a set of books, 3D-style:

Sci Fi May Day Bundle

The Sci Fi May Day Bundle, featuring UnWrecked Press novel The Wannoshay Cycle.

BundleRabbitOne of our favorite bundling sites is BundleRabbit, and they offer a wide range of ebook collections–both novels, short stories, and everything in between, even comics–that you can purchase bundles or box sets.

You can get each ebook file individually (bundle), or get one huge file that includes all the ebooks (box set). In either case, you can then add your bundle or box set to your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or other ebook reader for weeks of great reading.

And with ebook bundles and box sets, you save a ton off the cover price of those individual ebooks. When you purchase multiple ebooks together as a bundle, you can save as much as 85% off the retail price.

You can also find great new authors whose body of work you can then devour at your leisure. And if you buy directly from BundleRabbit, more money goes directly to the authors, so they can afford to write MORE great books for you.

And did we mention that you “Pay What You Want” for those ebook bundles? So, as the BR site says, you can “buy a whole bundle of ebooks at a price you think is fair and discover hidden treasures.”

Also, BundleRabbit also lets you direct 10% of your purchase to a select group of charities, including the Wounded Warrior project for injured service members. Truly a win-win all around!

Finally, we just learned that BundleRabbit is running a great deal for anyone signing up for their newsletter: your choice of one of two ebooks! The first is the BundleRabbit Sampler, which contains five stories from the BundleRabbit archives.

The second is a great non-fiction book that covers everything you need to know about bundling: The Author’s Guide to Ebook Bundling.

This ebook explains how bundles will expand your inventory, increase your discoverability, and create additional income streams. Learn why to bundle, what to bundle, how to bundle, and pitfalls to watch out for.

So go, sign up, and watch your inbox for news of current and upcoming ebook bundles from the premiere bundling and box set site.

We have a feeling you’ll find something great, soon!



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