Contagious new covers!

Here at rainy UnWrecked Press headquarters, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with artist and designer M. Selena Jackson to to create contagious new covers to all three Contagious Magic novels.

These covers capture the two protagonists of this series — twins Kelley and Jeroan Strickland — perfectly. The lightning and blue and green energy is just spot-on as well. We even love the new logo that M. Selena created for the books!

And the books just shout our young-adult fantasy, which is just what we wanted. The tone is right.

Here are the contagious new covers, in all their colorful, magical, genre-specific glory:

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (cover by M. Selena Jackson)  A Wild Epidemic of Magic  A Lasting Cure for Magic

Yeah, we’re really excited. And author Michael Jasper has been hinting about a fourth Contagious Magic book, which might be coming soon…


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