All bundled up… in May?

Today marks the last week where you can get a pile of ebooks (also known as a bundle) at a fantastic price from BundleRabbit.

Here’s how the bundle setup works: you pay at least the minimum amount and you get 5-6 ebooks, all bundled together in PDF, Mobi, or ePub format for your ebook reader. But if you pay more, you get ALL the books in the bundle.

And you can pay a little extra to support the authors and a great charity, too. It’s a Pay What You Want/Name Your Own Price setup.

We’re happy to announce that TWO UnWrecked Press books are in bundles, but for just one week longer…

The Spooky One First

First off, Michael Jasper’s Family, Pack is part of the Chills, Thrills, and Spills Bundle.

Chills Thrills and Spills bundle

That’s over $60 worth of “paranormal, horror, and unsettling fiction” to kick off your summer reading season! The books include short stories and full-length novels about modern-day dark wizards, haunted houses, vampires, metahumans, zombies, and the strangest (and sexiest!) crime-fighting ghost duo ever.

We’re very excited about this one, and we can’t wait to download all 12 of these books, which definitely meet our reading requirements of “where normal meets strange.”

The One with Aliens and Spaceships!

The Science Fiction May Day Bundle includes Michael Jasper’s near-future novel about aliens in the heartland, The Wannoshay Cycle.

SF May Day bundle

And that book has some great company in this bundle, with novels featuring aliens, secret organizations that put the Men in Black to shame, far-flung spaceship adventures, and colonies on distant planets.

We hope you’ll take a look at the bundles offered up at the great new BundleRabbit site, and we’ll keep you posted as more bundles pop up.

It’s a great way to discover new authors, as well as support charities and fill your ebook readers with enough reading material to last the rest of the year.  But the bundles go away on May 13th, never to return…

Happy reading!


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